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Shaft Lead belongs to RiM LaS Private Limited. We have been chosen as an exclusive Nation Sales Partner for India from Matesy GmbH for the complete range of Shaft Twist Tester (Shaft Lead Tester). Matesy GmbH, Germany is the technology innovator and manufacturer for Shaft Twist Tester (Shaft Lead Tester) and many other magnetic testing products.

RiM LaS is one of the pacesetter organizations in introducing technological products and innovations. Over the years, we have worked hard to manifest useful and innovative ideas. To attain this, we collaborated with various business establishments across the world that are also involved in producing technological innovative products. We are associated with various Indian industries with our cutting-edge technology, thereby gaining a firm position and are giving a significant contribution to Indian industrial development. We keep seeking new and innovative ideas so that we can shape the future of the Indian Industry.

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Technological Innovation

Matesy GmbH, Germany

Matesy GmbH is an innovative technology company from the heart of the university city of Jena . Founded as a spin-off from the R&D institute ” INNOVENT Technologieentwicklung” in 2008, Matesy specialized in manufacturing of Instruments for visualization, characterization, generation of magnetic fields and shaft twist testing. In order to meet our claim of qualitative market leadership in this segment, we develop and produce systems and technologies at the highest level.
For this we work in close cooperation with external partners from research and industry. Our collaborations range from the active exchange of know-how, through the shared use of resources, to the active transfer of business. Matesy uses the innovative strength of various research institutions, such as INNOVENT technology development, the Jena University of Applied Sciences and the Fraunhofer institutes, and represents the production and sales platform for the innovative products created. Matesy has clear structures and short decision-making paths.

STT - Shaft Twist Tester

Twist test without thread & profilometer

In order to avoid a leak in a radial shaft seal, the sealing surface of the shaft must be made twist-free. Through the optical diffraction, twist structures can be made visible, the amplitudes of which are well below the roughness amplitudes of the sealing surface. Quality control in the immediate vicinity of the machining process can thus be carried out quickly and reliably. With test times in the range of seconds, the devices can be used in a variety of ways, e.g. for incoming inspection, for process optimization of the manufacturing process or for 100% (quality) control in series production.

Application background

Measurement methods & advantages

The sealing function of a shaft seal is largely determined by the twist. As soon as there is a twist, a critical micro-pumping effect begins with the rotation of the shaft, which causes the liquid to escape or wear on the component. These twist structures can be precisely visualized with the Shaft Twist Tester. Optical filtering shows the presence of twist on the test object surface and enables the twist parameters to twist depth and period length to be estimated. The number and brightness of diffraction lines shown is a measure of the twisted depth, their distance a measure of the period length.

Measurement method

The mapping of twist structures was previously only possible with very complex and cost-intensive tactile form measurement technology. A production-related test could not be carried out due to the long measuring time and the restrictive measuring conditions. Alternatively, the thread method is used, which however depends on various boundary conditions (e.g. thread material, thread thickness, attached weight or viscosity of the lubricant). The main disadvantage of this method, however, is that the process demonstrably fails with very small or very large twist structures.




Advantages of the STT-shaft twist tester

As standard, twist is currently tested using the thread method or a profilometric measuring device. Both methods are not suitable for quick use in the production process or 100% control. With the STT, a test device has been developed that meets these requirements and combines reliable testing for freedom from twist with high user-friendliness. The STT hand-held device is placed on the test item. The inspector can immediately recognize the presence of twist structures on the surface of the manufactured component using a system of strips in the field of vision.

Shaft Twist Tester Variants

There are 3 variants - NO, NK, NV

STT - Shaft Twist Tester NO

STT - Shaft Twist Tester NK

STT - Shaft Twist Tester NV